Student Stories

Zamzam’s Story

Learn about Dental Hygiene student, Zamzam. Scholarships have helped this Somali immigrant pursue her dream of making a difference in the community while providing a better life for her children

Joshua’s Story

Learn about Networking Design and Administration student, Joshua. Receiving a scholarship meant that someone believed in him, and that allowed Joshua to imagine a future and embark on a 4-year degree.

Alise’s Story

Learn about former Social and Human Services student Alise, and how she was able to build a life for herself and her daughter thanks to her education from Seattle Central.

John’s Story

Learn about John, a former Seattle Central student, and how scholarships helped him achieve his dream. He is now getting his bachelor’s degree at Antioch University.

Najwa’s Story

Learn about how scholarships helped Najwa, a former Seattle Central student, achieve her dream. She is now finishing her bachelor’s degree at Smith College.

Martha’s Story

Learn about Martha, a former Seattle Central student, driven to become a computer scientist.

Moorisa’s Story

Watch to learn about Moorisa’s incredible journey from across the world to attend college at Seattle Central.

Adam’s Story

Hear this inspirational story about how a student veteran helped to change lives in the local community by volunteering and being involved with groups on campus.