Student Stories

Tammara’s story

Overcoming challenges early on motivated Tammara toward a career in service to others. While juggling parenthood of her two daughters, she has earned her associate degree and is almost finished her bachelor’s degree in Community Health and Human Services.

Emilio’s Story

Seattle Central is Emilio’s second shot at a college degree, and this time he is determined to succeed. After he graduates with his degree om Web Design, he hopes to apply his technical skills toward organizations that serve the community.

Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia is a proud alumna of Seattle Central College who came to college to build a better life for herself and her daughter. Scholarships motivated her toward a career in equity and access in education at the University of Washington Information School.

Shanika’s Story

Shanika came back to college at Seattle Central after leaving an unsatisfying career. She's pursuing her passion for science and is forging a new path in aerospace engineering and hopes to one day become an astronaut herself.

Zamzam’s Story

Learn about Dental Hygiene student, Zamzam. Scholarships have helped this Somali immigrant pursue her dream of making a difference in the community while providing a better life for her children

Joshua’s Story

Learn about Networking Design and Administration student, Joshua. Receiving a scholarship meant that someone believed in him, and that allowed Joshua to imagine a future and embark on a 4-year degree.

Alise’s Story

Learn about former Social and Human Services student Alise, and how she was able to build a life for herself and her daughter thanks to her education from Seattle Central.

John’s Story

Learn about John, a former Seattle Central student, and how scholarships helped him achieve his dream. He is now getting his bachelor’s degree at Antioch University.

Najwa’s Story

Learn about how scholarships helped Najwa, a former Seattle Central student, achieve her dream. She is now finishing her bachelor’s degree at Smith College.

Martha’s Story

Learn about Martha, a former Seattle Central student, driven to become a computer scientist.

Moorisa’s Story

Watch to learn about Moorisa’s incredible journey from across the world to attend college at Seattle Central.

Adam’s Story

Hear this inspirational story about how a student veteran helped to change lives in the local community by volunteering and being involved with groups on campus.